To improve the health and well-being of People of Indian Origin.


Increase Awareness of Major Health Issues Affecting PIOs and NRIs

  • Conduct health and wellness seminars
  • Collaborate with other community Organizations (CAPI, AAPI,Temples, Rotary) to reach PIOs
  • Share information, practices, research papers on GOPIO newsletter/website

Promote preventive/holistic practices

  • Behavioral modifications
  • Physical activity
  • Dietary intervention
  • Discuss complementary and alternative medicine

Manage chronic diseases

  • Encourage compliance
  • Routine and regular check-ups

Support research on PIO health issues

  • Establish research Funds
  • Influence public policy regarding health issues of PIOs

Chair: Sangeeta Ahuja - USA
Co-Chairs: Dr. M.C. Gupta - USA, Dr. Vivian Rambihar - Canada,
Dr. Asha Samant - USA, Dr. Rajiv Sood - New Zealand
Members: Dr. Thomas Abraham - GOPIO International, Paul Ahuja - GOPIO CT,
Jayanti Prasad Gautam - GOPIO International,
Munish Gupta - GOPIO International, Dr. Rajeev Mehta - GOPIO CentralJersey,
Jaswant Mody - GOPIO International, Ashok Motwani - GOPIO International,
Sat Sukhdeo - GOPIO Upper NY, Jeevan Zutshi - GOPIO SF
GOPIO is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.www.gopio.net3